Committee members for the past 3 years


Committee 2015-2016

Chairman: Alexander McKinney

Joined Club: September 2012 

Course:  Fourth year Mathematics

Duties: This year is a special year for me as its my final year .

Moving from vice chair to chairman seemed natural this year and I look forward to furthering the progress we made last year whilst obtaining some great results in key races throughout the coming terms.

Memorable Moment: My favorite moment at Kent Rowing would have to be last years Kingston head of the river race. As my last and most prestigious race with my long serving novice crew even competing was a highlight but to win was a real bonus.


Secretary: Roberto Puddy

Joined Club: 2014

Course: Second Year Computer Science and Business Admin BSc

I joined UKC rowing without the faintest clue how to row. Some would say I still no not how and butter doth no parsnips but never the less, rowing at UKC has taught me to love early mornings, uni-family-values and the positive results of pushing yourself and dedication.

Duties: My job as secretary is to ensure the club continues to run in an organised, effective and smooth manner. To ensure this I pledge to: Organise administrative activities. Work with the committee to strengthen existing relationships, like the strong bond betweenUKC Rowing has developed with Kent Union year on year, develop our external relationships like sponsorship, and help explore new ones too in an administrative sense. Efficiently manage the demanding amount of clerical work such as entering crews into races, insurance, and planning. Following a successful and proactive committee of the 14/15 academic year, I look forward to work with the committee to further improve this award-winning club! 

Memorable Moment: When I ultimately look back on my time here, as a small part of Kent rowing, I will remember every little enjoyable detail of what it was a Kent University rower. Making life-long friends and then working hard together and achieving great things as part of a team.


TREASURER: Patrik Jacobsson

Joined Club: September 2014 

Course: Final Year Law LLB. 

Duties: I am responsible for the financial side of UKC Rowing. I ensure that we have the funds to carry out the aims and objectives of committee and the club, as well as getting the equipment we need for operating as efficiently as possible. 

Memorable Moment: I first started rowing here at University of Kent. I went on one taster session and was hooked. I love the passion for rowing that we have in this club with my proudest moment representing the University at BUCS 2015.

Men's captain: Will Levack Payne

Joined Club: September 2013


Duties: I'm men's captain of Kent Rowing. I'm very excited to see what the club can do this year, we have our sights set on Henley and some good places in the BUCS regatta. It will also be nice to carry on last years performance and have a winner in ever head race we entered! I joined Kent Rowing in my first year having never rowed before and ended up racing in men's A at the BUCs regatta. I'm very glad I joined, I've made loads of friends for life and I've also found a sport for life! Rowing has been a great way for me to de stress around my physics degree and I hope it will continue in to my third year.

 Memorable Moment: My most memorable time is winter training camp in first year when I really got a taste of training hard but also got to spend a week with all of my friends great way for me to de-tress around my physics degree and I hope it will continue in to my third year. My most memorable time is winter training camp in first year when I really got a taste of training hard but also got to spend a week with all of my friends.


Women's Captain: Lewis Irons

Year Joined: September 2014

Course: Third Year Law LLb

We have a very exciting year ahead! Already a strong squad of girls are competing for race seats for this coming year with the hope of winning head races and regattas over the course of the year. With all this experience within the squad I am looking forward to working with a new group of rowers, helping them develop over the course of the year and ensure they enjoy their time here at Kent.

Duties: My duties this year consist of creating the training plans for both novice and senior rowers, creating and setting up the crews for water training sessions and races. Coaching and coxing both senior and novice crews in order to develop everyone’s full potential.

Memorable moment: My first win as a University of Kent rower ( Maidstone Small Boats race 4+) was a particularly special moment for me.


Cox Captain: Hannah Cole

Joined Club: September 2014

Course: Fourth Year BA Honours in Comparative Literature. 

Hi! My name is Hannah, and I am a 4th year student at the University of Kent, studying a I have been part of the UKC Rowing Team for just over a year now, and this year I was elected as the Coxing Captain.

Duties: It's my job to recruit and train new coxes so that our racing teams are well trained for the coming racing season! My main responsibility as a cox is to steer the boat, shout a lot, and to keep the crew motivated and safe. 
In my spare time, I work in a cocktail bar in town. An interesting fact about me: I have a pet cockatiel named Barney who lives with me in my student flat. Don't tell my landlady.

Memorable Moment:I ate breaded shrimp thinking it was a chicken nugget


Rowing Coordinator: Jade Simm 

Joined Club: September 2012

Course: Fourth Year Architecture 

Duties:My role as rowing coordinator is to ensure a smooth running of club through the scheduling of outing plans as well as be available to all members of the club, not just at the boathouse. With the help of the college captains we are able to encourage intercollegiate competiveness from the start of term through intercollegiate races, Novice Head and Spring ICC.

I started rowing in my second year of my Architecture degree, becoming a member of the racing squad in third year and continuing to be an active member of the club whilst on a placement year.

Memorable Moment: I always look forward to Novice head, its competitive, Christmassy and there’s always cake!


Committee 2014-2015

Rowing Committee Summer Ball 2014

Chairman: Jacques Villemont

Joined Club:  September 2012

Course: Third Year in Politics and International Relations

Duties: As the new Chairman of the Kent Rowing Club, I will do the best I can to make the club more competitive in every way. I will make sure that the club will enter as much competitions as possible and make sure all our rowing members have a great experience at the same time. We have a full and strong committee this year and I can't wait to get started and meet new rowers and returning rowers. 

Memorable Moment: My memorable moment was during my initiation where I was dressed as a mummy, ran down the Eliot footpath and tripped on one of my ribbon which resulted in me skydiving on the gravel. Not my best hour but most amusing memory. 

Vice-Chairman: Alex McKinney

Course: Mathmatics

Year Joined: September 2012

Duties: My role this year is to ensure the smooth running of the club in every aspect and to be available for all members throughout the year, while continuing to move the club in a positive direction to easily hand over to next years committee.

My favorite moment at ukc rowing would have to be last years kingston head of the river race. As my last and most prestigious race with my long   serving novice crew even competing was a   highlight but to win was a real bonus.

Treasurer: William Heaton 

Joined Club: September 2013

Course: Second Year Physics with Astrophysics 

Duties: I take care of the financial part of the club 

I first started rowing at uni, and have loved every minute. My proudest moment would be representing the university at BUCS 2014.

Although the early morning training is less than preferable, I can happily say that the during my time at UKCRC i have made some of my best friends and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

In the future, I want to see the club build on its long history of achievements, and become even more successful in this BUCS 2015 and beyond.


Secretary: Josh Ingrey

Joined: September 2013

Course: Psychology

Role: As club secretary my role is mainly an admin one. I have to organise training camps at the start of each term. I also book rooms for club meetings as well as keeping the alumni and club members updated with any news and information. Finally I enter people into the races. If you fancy the role be organised!

Best moment in the club: Removing our new treasurers eyebrow after causing the boat to capsize... In January... It was cold. If not that then the two training camps I’ve been on, made amazing friends enjoyed the sport. It may not seem like it but it’s not just a boat sport it’s a team sport.

Men's Captain: Charlie Falkus 

Joined Club: September 2013

Course: Second Year Economics BSc

Duties: We have an exciting year ahead of us. Many crews developed last year are budding with huge prospects. We have two strong men’s racing fours, and a racing double all will be looking for pots at all the heads we attend. Our main aim of course will be to break into the hard fought top ten at the BUCS regatta. I am looking forward to developing new talent this year; we have a strong team of experienced rowers who will help our new athletes evolve into the formidable rowers they will surely become. Of course success will largely rest on the shoulders of the rowers themselves who must dedicate the necessary time and mental focus. To those joining us in 2014/15 I welcome and look forward to seeing them develop. 

Memorable Moment:  First win at first race for Kent was great for me at head race

Women's Captain: Georgia Edwards 

Joined Club: September 2013

Course: Second Year Law LLb 

Duties: Crew Selection, Organising training programmes for both the racing and development crews, Racing Crews and Development, Coaching 

Most Memorable Moment: Attending Easter Camp and being able to race at BUCS and reach the B final was my most memorable moment and of course the many Starbucks trips after the morning training sessions, making them slightly more bearable! 


Cox Captain: Lusi Lawler 

Course: Drama and Theatre Studies

Duties: As Coxing Captain I am responsible for all things to do with coxing in the club. This includes recruiting and training new coxes, assigning coxes to crews and, of course, coxing myself.

Memorable Moment: So far it would have to be Easter Training Camp and BUCS. I relished and enjoyed the physical challenges training camp provided and it was fantastic to see the improvements in fitness and skill within the crews and myself. BUCS was just incredibly exciting and it was great to race again having had a year out. Nothing is better than the buzz you get when your crew responds to your calls. I had a fantastic race with my boys crew. 


Social Secretary: Molly Borthwick

Course: Biological Anthopology 

Duties: As social sec it's my job to organise all our social events, this ranges for nights out, events at the boat house, to our Christmas and summer balls. My aim is to be as friendly and approachable as possible and make sure every member feels welcome and has the most enjoyable experience possible. 

Memorable moment: There have been so many memorable moments it's hard to pick one. But one of my favourite aspects of rowing has to be that when uni work stress gets too much the boat house is always a great escape. My proudest moment has to be competing in a double at bucs after only one year of rowing.

Committee 2013-2014