Something that a lot of people should know when it comes to committee members, is that we are all students elected by members of the club. These committee members do not get paid for the extra work they take on and put in a lot of effort to make the University of Kent Rowing Club a welcoming, fun and competitive club.

COMMITTEE 2016-2017

Niall Watts, Alicia Sanctuary, Andrea King, Elle Bolland, Holly Makin, Jade Simm, Madison Bone, Esther Brown

Niall Watts, Alicia Sanctuary, Andrea King, Elle Bolland, Holly Makin, Jade Simm, Madison Bone, Esther Brown


CHAIRWoman: Jade SImm

Joined Club: September 2012

Course: MArch (5th Year Architecture) 

Duties: This is my final year as both a student and rower after 5 years on being at the University of Kent. I have had the opportunity to both row and cox in 4s and 8s competitively over the past year and it has been a fantastic experience.

Moving from Rowing Co-ordinator to Chairwoman seemed like a natural progression and I look forward to progressing the club over the coming year and to continue achieving fantastic results at regional races as well as at BUCS. 

Memorable Moment: Coxing the Men's 4 at Henley Royal Regatta Qualifiers


Joined Club: September 2014 

Course: Classics

Duties: My duties are to support Jade and the rest of the committee in their roles and help anyone who is "bogged down" with work or struggling at a particular time. 

I have absolutely loved being part of Kent rowing and want the new and existing members to enjoy it as much as I do. 

Memorable Moment: Rowing with my college crew at Novice Head. 


Joined Club: September 2015

Course: MArch (5th Year Architecture)

Duties: My name is Andrea and I am a fifth year Architecture student. I am a perfect example of someone who shows it's never too late to try a new sport, having only taken up rowing last year. I am  the treasurer of the club, so feel free to speak to me in all matters relating to finance, membership and kit.


Joined Club: September 2014

Course: Politics and International Relations

Duties: My role is to do a lot of the administration of the club, with duties varying from setting agendas/collecting minutes from any meetings and sending these out to members of the club, entering crews into races and ensuring that everyone and every boat is affiliated with British Rowing correctly and legally, managing the club email account, as well as supporting all other members of the committee with their roles.

I have been a member of the club since my first year in 2014, and can wholeheartedly say that joint rowing has been the greatest part of my university experience.

Memorable Moment: Iniations (warning, it gets very, very messy) or Lea Regatta - our first regatta and our first win!


Joined Club: September 2015

Course: MArch (5th Year Architecture)

Duties: I was a member of Eliot College and won Novice Head. I also coxed Dev A boys at BUCS. Although a fifth year architecture student I am now women's captain and will be setting training programs, sorting crews and tracking progress along with hopefully being a supportive and friendly person you an come to chat with any issues.

Memorable Moment: Winning Novice Head


Joined Club: September 2014

Course: Biology

Duties: After a year of rowing I decided I was better at sitting still and steering the boat! I'm in charge of making sure all our crews have safe, well informed coxes in training and for the all important races. 

Memorable Moment: My most memorable moment has to be novice head; our first in club race. It's safe to say I've made friends for life through rowing, even if we didn't win!


Joined Club: September 2015

Course BSc Anthropology

Duties: My job is to try and reach out and build relationships with both local and larger scale companies as potential sponsors for the club. I also take care of press responsibilities, such as making sure our name and image is in the public eye as much as possible. I do this through keeping our social media accounts updated, along with writing pieces for the university sports magazine - Inquire.

Memorable Moment: There's so many! I think it'd have to be one of the socials, probably initiations as that's where I really started to feel at home, and made some of my best friends.