Winter Training Camp is the time where we start evaluating your potential and insert you into competitive crews. Like said before, we take anyone with or without experience, we look more at individual's with motivation and determination than performance. Eventually once you have had a taste of what rowing is truly about , you will train hard to earn your seat. 

Training on the water will be done on our river , the Stour and off water will be most of the times at the UKC Sport Centre. When you are part of the UKC Rowing Club, you will be sent each week a new set of Training notes given by your captain and you will train with your team. Training with your crew mates or the rest of the club will give you that motivation to succeed and earn your seat on a boat. 


Easter Camp

Easter Camp is generally a week in Canterbury and followed by another week away. At this point of the year, crews have been formed and the crews are ready to tackle the championships, BUCS. 

During the Easter camp, crews will all work towards a common goal, and that is to race at BUCS and stand a chance against some of the best rowing clubs out there . 

Kent Rowing has shown that it can produce great results in racing , that through hard work on a personal level and on a team work level, remember that rowing is a team sport.

A team is as strong as its weakest link, so everyone needs to pull in their weight and work as a team, hence why we have always valued motivation and determination over capability. 

Easter Camp is probable the funnest camp in the year , as you get to travel around the country, row in different places and meet other teams.