The University of Kent Rowing Club is a friendly, active and social society welcoming both beginner and experienced rowers. From training on the river to the gym we are always working out together creating a great team dynamic - striving to make the best out of what we have and do so in a fun environment. Between weekly sessions, intercollegiate events, intense training camps and regional races we constantly have our main BUCS competition in sight, this year having placed in the B final in three categories. 

Also, we do more than just Rowing, we fundraise for local/global charities and associations. Each year we organise a long distance rowing marathon at the heart of the city of Canterbury . This long distance will be rowed by the members over a certain amount of days. This event is called the "Ergathon", Erg machine + Marathon= Ergathon.

During this event money will be collected through donation online and in the high-street of Canterbury and the University of Kent Canterbury campus.  This money will be then given to the charity chosen. So far the club has fund-raised for: Parkinson's UK, Cathedral Trust, Strode Park Foundation and many more.